The Green Challenge

The Green Workplace Challenge ends midnight June 30, 2016, and encourages organizations to reduce environmental impacts of their operations and buildings.  This can be done by engaging anyone who helps your business running:  employees, clients and customers, property owners, facility managers, other tenants, etc.

This Challenge encourages organizations to benchmark their building’s energy use, water consumption, and waste generation, and implement practices, policies, and programs to reduce those levels. Organizations are also challenged to change workplace behaviors by increasing awareness of environmental issues, reducing energy use, conserving more water, generating less waste,  diverting material away from landfills, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions from workplace-related transportation.

Best Practices Examples:
  • Benchmarking then Increasing Building Energy and Water Efficiency
  • Using Environmentally Responsible Landscaping and Pest Management
  • Helping Employees Use Alternative Transportation Options
  • Reducing Waste While Increasing Recycling, and Composting
  • Managing Fleets to Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Purchasing Wisely to Minimize Environmental Impacts

Completing the Green Scorecard

We recommend a primary point of contact/administrator register your organization as a new participant, and then other appropriate employee positions can be added as additional users to help fill out each scorecard. The additional users may be identified during the registration process or after initial registration is completed.

If you are a small business where employees have shared job responsibilities, one individual may be selected to complete all scorecards.
For larger businesses, we recommend that a staff member in Operations, Facilities Management, Environmental Affairs, or similar department be responsible for completing the Green Scorecard.

Finding Ideas for Earning Points

The Green Workplace Challenge Toolkit is a central resource for learning more about how to implement the ideas listed in the scorecard (please click on the below link to access the Toolkit):

Using the Green Scorecard

The Green Workplace Challenge scorecard is intended to be used to assess your organization’s environmental practices as well as a resource for gathering new ideas. Once registered, your organization may access and update your scorecards at any time, with the goal of increasing your scores throughout the challenge timeframe (ends midnight June 30, 2016). Scores will be reviewed at the end of the Challenge, and outcomes will be used to determine the level of recognition (i.e. bronze, silver, gold, or platinum) and the award winners.  


The Green Workplace Scorecard has questions which are specific ideas for greening a workplace, including questions that are left open for innovative practices. The scorecard is divided into five categories:


  • Organizational Policies and Culture of Environmental Responsibility
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Conservation
  • Waste Reduction and Landfill Diversion
  • Transportation


Although participants are encouraged to achieve as many points as possible, they are not expected to achieve all points. As noted below, an organization that receives 15 points has taken many important steps toward being an environmentally conscious workplace and is deserving of recognition. The Green Workplace Challenge has four award levels for Local Environmental Hero, which are tied to the following point totals:

Striving for Award Levels

15-40 PTS
41-75 PTS
76-100 PTS


If you need assistance, clarification on a question, or would like to learn more about how to improve your score on any scorecard, please email


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